The number of bicyclists riding in the Bay Area is steadily growing every year.

People are increasingly commuting to work on their bicycles, in addition to biking for exercise or sport and fitness reasons. It is a healthy, fun activity, increasing in popularity across the Bay Area and around the country. Unfortunately, as it increases in popularity, so does the number of cyclists injured or killed on roads each year. Cyclists are more vulnerable than most other road users, and have a higher risk of serious or fatal injury.

This increase in cycling accidents has increased the number of cycling related personal injury claims. Automobile drivers frequently do not pay enough attention to cyclists, thus frequently causing auto vs. bicycle collisions. Bicyclists often do not know enough about their rights, and thus fail to obtain just and fair settlements with the drivers that injure them.

I am an avid bicyclist myself and take a special interest in representing injured cyclists. I know what it is like out on the streets of San Francisco, both as an attorney that represents cyclists, and as a rider. If you are injured in a bicycle accident, please contact me to discuss your options. I give discounted rates on attorney fees to bicyclists injured in collisions.

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