I hired Mr. Strouss when an insurance company denied my personal injury claim. He immediately took away all of the stress involved in the case, handling all the paperwork and fighting for my best interest. He consistently took time to answer all of my questions and kept me informed about the case. Mr. Strouss was able to obtain a very positive outcome for my case. — Adam C.

This attorney worked quickly to solve my case against the insurance company. He got me the money I deserved for my pain and suffering. He was very attentive and truly cared about my case. — Barbara C.

After I was injured in a car accident, I spent about a year of pain and suffering and medical treatments. On top of that, I was harassed by the other party's insurance company who kept sending me form letters that my medical treatments were unnecessary and unreasonable. After my health care providers recommended that I get an attorney to represent me, I started my search-both through friends and online. Fortunately, I found John Strouss who completely saved me from what would have been a horrible mistake of trying to settle on my own with the other party's insurance company. First of all, John met me in his office (in a gorgeous Victorian building which, miraculously, has plenty of metered parking right in front!). At our initial (and gratuitous) pre-retention consultation, John walked me step-by-step through a process that he informed me would take about a year. And it all turned out exactly as he predicted. To be specific, some features that I really appreciate about John are: (1) John always responded to my emails and phone calls--and in a timely and thorough manner. (2) John is a good listener and always answered my questions and concerns in a professional and pleasant manner. (3) John was by my side at the deposition (which can be a somewhat intimidating experience) and he was informative and supportive throughout the process. (4) Throughout the settlement procedure, John was respectful in terms of honoring me and my experience and, at the same time, he was helpful in terms of providing me with facts and figures (based on his considerable knowledge and expertise) so that we were able to make an informed and fair decision. (5) Finally, John expertly negotiated a settlement that we all felt was satisfactory. Thanks to John, my story had a happy ending and I'm grateful that he was my attorney...and you will be too! — Fran M.

I needed an attorney for handling a claim with an insurance company that was treating me like a child regarding a car accident I was involved in. It was a fairly serious car accident where their client was admittedly at fault. Basically, the insurance company was running over me, giving me no respect and certainly not going to pay me anything. I realized that I needed an attorney. I called Mr. Strouss and asked that he represent me in this case. One phone call later by Mr. Strouss to the insurance company, as my legal representative, and the whole attitude of the insurance company changed. They settled for $23,000 and I never had to talk to them again after Mr. Strouss's phone call. Mr. Strouss has so much experience dealing with insurance companies and their lawyers, that he can change your nightmare into a dream in what seems like a moment. You have to have an attorney who knows the law to be successful in this area. The insurance company will run over you if you are not represented by a competent lawyer. Mr. Strouss makes you strong instead of weak. I could not recommend him more for representing you as a competent attorney. — Mark H.

John helped me with a real estate dispute after I spent thousands on two previous lawyers he got the case to arbitration in a day. Could not have been happier. — Jonathan N.

After I was hit by a car when riding my bike, I retained John Strouss to represent me. He was aggressive in his representation and very responsive to my questions. I could not have asked for a better advocate. John Strouss settled my case for far more than I expected was possible. Since my bike accident, I have referred John Strouss to several friends who have been in car accidents. You can be confident that if John Strouss takes your case you will have a hardworking, honest, professional and capable advocate on your side. — Rebekah R.